Contact & Links


Amazing Space Studio
2338 Bowman Crescent
Box 41, Wells, British Columbia
Canada V0K 2R0
tel 250-994-2332

See also:
Our original site where much of our imagery still resides
Bill’s art blog
Our blog about taking art to science conferences.
Our lovewellsbc page


Steller’s Jay (sound clips & photos of the birds of Wells)


4 thoughts on “Contact & Links

  1. Mary Steeves

    I am looking for email address for you. I am Mary Steeves, friend of yours from way back and Judy and Shayne…mother of Jakob and jessica and Maya and used to be Bowering. So it turns out that Caroline Amor is my new next door neighbour at Van East Housing co-up. For the past few summers, Maya and her family have spent a few days in Wells and they love Wells. Each time she has almost tried to find you but each time she has not. So maybe this year she will and you are forewarned that she might and who she is.
    I think that you will remember me but if not check with Judy.
    Leap Before you Look….:)


  2. kerrie

    HI my name is Kerrie Laycock.I am interested in your property for sale. I am unable to find an asking price any where on the information I have found. Please can you direct me to the spot where pricing is shown.
    Kerrie Laycock



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